about Us

Welcome to the mad scientist lab that is Get Real IG Followers headquarters. We’re a merry band of Instagram interns who traded in homework for social media stardom – and we’re addicted to cracking the codes of the algorithm.

our story

What started as a side hustle recommending hashtags to friends has exploded into a full-fledged Instagram empire. Every day, we bunny-hop from one account audit to the next, analyzing insights, testing new features, and reporting back with seriously solid intel.

instagraming 24/7

When we’re not browsing feeds and spying on our favorite creators, you can find us slicing and dicing analytics reports while sipping on our fifth cups of coffee. We live and breathe Instagram – it’s basically our second language at this point!

By day, we’re all business scoping out emerging trends. But by night, this place turns into one big slumber party as we binge-watch Kardashians and brainstorm increasingly absurd content ideas for our test accounts. The memes we come up with after midnight deserve medals, okay?

Over 7 years of experience

No matter the insanity happening around here, though, our mission remains the same – helping YOU see boosted follower counts! While we love a good meme as much as the next person, at our core, we’re passionate about empowering all users with the social media strategies and know-how.

So browse our blog, laugh with us, soak up the gems on growing your brand. But most of all – follow your gram dreams, friends! We’ll be cheering you on from the sidelines and can’t wait to see how you level up. Now let’s get back to planning our next big social takeover…